Letters from a Trauma Survivor

Book Description

In this visceral and real-life account, Recovery Ryder shares a series of letters from a multi-trauma survivor. Inspired by the pursuit of recovery for herself and others, the author offers hope and healing through their words.

As a survivor of various forms of trauma from over thirty-five years of life, author Recovery Ryder shows readers how to find hope for a life worth living after barreling through hardship. By painting a comprehensive picture of both pain and recovery, readers will come to understand the questions and the brokenness that comes from trauma before there’s a chance to heal. This journey through the letters depicts the kindness that people brought (and still bring) to the author’s life. She includes:

  • Letters were written to things and concepts.
  • Letters are written by dogs that show unconditional love.
  • Letters and kindness from people who have helped the past cruelness fade away.
  • Letters are written by the people the author wished she had in their life.

Each letter included tugs at readers’ heartstrings. From gut-wrenching sadness from letters speaking of abandonment to ultimate victory over the depressive state PTSD and trauma can bring, readers will experience a gambit of emotions through this book. Written for trauma survivors who may or may not have a voice in their unique situations, Letters From A Trauma Survivor is the perfect read for fellow trauma survivors and those who seek to understand how the effects of trauma manifest.

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Featured Author: Jennifer Ferguson

About the Author, Jennifer Ferguson

Jennifer is a friend of Jo’s. She lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her mother, three tabby cats, and cockatiel. She is on the autism spectrum and is employed part time at a local supermarket. Also, she is an active member of Greenville CAN (Collaborative Action Network). greenvillecan.org

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