Artistic Vision!!

The Creative Magazine encompasses many areas, from Crafting to Art, people’s stories to recipes, photo competitions, scavenger hunts and more. We want to feature your work and skills, as well as we’ll our create our own content. We want to encourage you. We will have a devotional in each issue. We aim to be family-friendly always. We will always give the credit to the person the credit is due! Each issue is copyrighted.

Every issue we aim to cover someone’s life story, have a featured artist, spotlight a missionary, display the winners from the pet contest, have a poem or two, have a seasonal DIY craft and who the creator of it is, provide the answers of the scavenger hunt from the previous issue, have a devotional, feature a recipe from the cook behind it, share the results of the themed photography winners with their winning photos, and we may have a joke or word search

We need advertisers and sponsors to keep this magazine going. If you are interested in sponsorship or advertisement, email, call or text Jo Smoak for more information at 501 725 2793 or