My Onion Method


My Onion Method, A Recovery Model is a series of workbooks and a model to aid someone in recovery from mental health disorders, trauma, substance use disorders, etc. This curriculum does not hold the cure, but it is merely a compilation of tools to aid someone working on their own recovery or coaching someone in recovery. This book contains the Introduction to My Onion Method. It will address my wellness wheel, my garden analogy, and an overview of what each book for each onion layer will cover. I created this model and concept in 2018 through my journey of becoming a certified peer support specialist and while I worked through my own recovery. This method contains tools that I personally have used or continue to use in my own wellness journey. The journey of recovery is hard and feels impossible sometimes. At times, we may feel or get stuck. I aim to provide some problem solving tools, as well as, worksheets on skills to help aid in creating a balance in one’s recovery. Remember: There’s always hope, even when it feels hopeless.