Board and Train 14 Days


● Two weeks spent at Jo’s home
● These two weeks focuses on sit, come, wait/stay, down (lay down), heel, off, go potty, door manners, drop it/leave it, and work on a problem behavior that dog may have
● Dog will be taught house manners and can be crate trained if the owner desires
● These weeks focuses on socialization with other dogs and out in public
● After these two weeks, the owner will receive a 1 hour training session with Jo and the dog to go over training commands, how to practice these commands every so often with the dog, and to answer any questions that might come up
● Jo guarantees your dog will be able to follow these commands after these two weeks



$250 Deposit that goes towards balance. Liability waiver, vaccination records, and pet information forms need to be filled out and signed. Dog must be on monthly parasite preventative and with vaccines up to date. Owner needs to provide enough food for two weeks and have a leash and collar.